Bobby Genovese

``Who has more fun than us?``

Connecting enthusiastic people with winning opportunities is one of Bobby Genovese’s greatest passions, which began at age 25 when he founded his first company in his native Ontario before establishing BG Capital Group Limited and BG Capital Management Corporation, both based in The Bahamas, with associate management offices in Fort Lauderdale, Los Angeles, Barbados, Toronto and Vancouver. “More than working hard and being smart, seeing the big picture is key.”

A seasoned equestrian, Genovese brought his winning touch in the boardroom to the polo field when he built Vancouver International Polo, one of North America’s top ranked teams. He and the team went on to win the Canadian Open and numerous American, Argentinean and Chilean tournaments in the years that followed.

His love for horses and passion for land preservation led to the creation of BG Signature, a portfolio of extraordinary destinations and experiences. His flagship property, BG Ocala Ranch, embodies the essence of both. Located near Orlando in the heart of horse country, where horses graze on acres of emerald green pastures sprawling beneath towering Spanish Moss-laden oak trees, this intimate retreat offers one of Ocala’s most sophisticated equestrian experiences.

“Preserving our natural resources is a cherished tradition in my family, which is why we are devoted to the stewardship, protection and enjoyment of these precious landscapes and resources. For generations to come, this property will remain home to the stunning natural habitat that we are blessed to nurture, cherish and now share with likeminded travelers.”

Genovese also dedicates his time, energy and substantial resources to numerous philanthropic endeavors, especially those that serve children.

Genovese is a longtime supporter of the Vancouver- based Face the World Foundation, which has raised millions for a host of non-profit organizations in Vancouver, BC. In its 30-year history, Face the World has raised more than $19 million to assist more than 400 organizations devoted to everything from securing access to shelter and hot meals to contributing to anti-bullying campaigns and supporting music and sports programs for kids in need.

Genovese is equally devoted to the Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) — Canada’s largest and most sophisticated centre for pediatric cancer research, treatment and care. His chairmanship of the annual Car and Boat Rally Scavenger Cups, which began in 2007, has helped raise more than $16 million for Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children, Canada’s largest and most sophisticated centre for pediatric cancer research, treatment and care.

“Our efforts will help the spectrum of what’s needed — from groundbreaking research and treatment to practical advancements like “chemotherapy backpacks” that free young patients from confining hospital stays,”said Genovese.

“By working together we can help provide critical resources and support for pediatric cancer initiatives at SickKids. It’s not only my honor to have helped lead this initiative but I feel it is our duty to help support this very special hospital where children come from around the world to receive the most advanced treatments available, providing them with the best possible chance of surviving their diagnosis.”

“Giving to others is something that I have done throughout my life. It is both a responsibility and a great privilege.”

Outside of his business and philanthropic endeavors, Bobby Genovese lives in the Bahamas when he’s not traveling the world with his family.